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HansHans Buijserd, born in the Netherlands. I have an education as a Teacher in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. I have been a teacher for 25 years. In the 80's and 90's I started with the maintenance of networks with several computers and servers. In 2000 I was responsible for a network with more then 100 computers. I started then also giving courses in computing, like Word, Excel, but also Microsoft Professional (MCSE). After that I started the maintenance of a network in one of the largest schools for professional education in The Netherlands with over 15000 students and 50 buildings. With 40 employees on the ICT department we maintained 6000 computers and 170 servers. I was the Infrastructure Architect on this department and responsible for the design of this network.

My experiences specialy are computers, networking, routing, ADSL, communication via glass fiber, websites and design of total solutions. I have much experience in ICT project management.

Besides that I have much experience with electronics. I am a licensed Radio Amateur (F/PE4HB and F4VRM) since 1982. That's why the technique of receiving satellite and TNT Television interests me very much.